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(Date Report Was Created: 16-Jun-2014) 
John Bean Technologies Corp (JBT)Industrial Goods
Last: 28.89  (-0.44 pts, -1.50%)  Open: 29.45  High: 29.45  low: 28.61  Diversified Machinery

Quick Summary
  • The Stock is in Recovery Phase. The Recovery Phase occurs after the market has bottomed and is showing weak signs of recovery. The prices may have temporarily stopped falling.
  • The stock has retraced 12% from its recent high price of 32.83 which occurred on 22-Jan-2014. The current price is below the 50 day moving average of 29.53. Sustained move below the average could put the recent uptrend in jeapordy.
  • The closest support can be found at 28.3. The closest resistance can be found at 31.25. See Support/Resistance below for details.

How to trade John Bean Technologies Corp(JBT)?

  • Breakout Trade: A close below the support level of 28.3 could trigger a sell signal. Confirmation would occur when the high of the day would be below 28.3.
  • Retracement Trade: Consider buying when the price retraces around 28.3. Consider selling/shorting when the price approaches 31.25.
  • Risk Management: Consider risking somewhere between 1.2015(4.16%) and 2.0025(6.93%) points on your position. Risk management is an important part of trading. Our risk management strategy is based on the average daily range of the stock.
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Market Phase:? Recovery This indicator compares long term trend with short term price action to explain the current phase of the market. According to the indicator, the stock of John Bean Technologies Corp is in the Recovery Phase. The market for JBT may have bottomed and is now showing weak signs of recovery. The prices may have temporarily stopped falling.
Short Term Trend:     (+6) The short term trend indicator only looks at 10 to 20 day timeframe to determine the current trend. John Bean Technologies Corp(JBT) is currently mildly bullish.
3 Day Money Flow:     (-9) The money flowing for last 3 days in JBT has been strongly bearish. This indicator summarizes the price and volume activity over last 3 days. It is a very short term indicator.

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Phase:?Recovery  Relative Strength:    (-2)
EPS Growth(yoy): Unavailable   (-0)  Fundamental:    (+5)

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Risk Management should be critical part of your trading plan. A rational risk managment plan is crucial because it save your portfolio under turbulant market conditions. Here is one approach to manage risk involved in trading stocks.

Tip. Limit the amount of money that you risk on a stock or a trade. Don't put your eggs in one basket. Investing too much of your trading capital on one stock or trade increases your risk. Common sense dictates that it is not the right thing to do. Many people have rightly suggested that investors should diversify their portfolios. Diversification does not increase returns, but it reduces your risk.

The question then comes up is, how much money should I risk on a trade or a stock ? The amount of money that you should risk on a stock depends on the capital you have to trade, your mental and personal makeup to tolerate risk, and your goals. Normally, it is suggested that a trader should not risk more then 2-5% of the available capital on one particular trade. This is a good rule of thumb; however, you should evaluate your personal circumstances and risk tolerance before taking on a trade.

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